AROLE: Academic Reusable Objects for Learning Enhancement


The University's 5 Year Strategic Plan (2010 - 2015) and Learning & Teaching Strategy (2006 -2010) both highlight the need to expand and develop the curriculum to encompass flexible, vocational and distributed courses whilst continuing to provide a high quality student experience; Academic Skills support forms an integral part of enhancing this experience.


Analysis of 3 years worth of data collated by the Academic Skills team has identified key areas of academic skills which despite a variety of existing support mechanisms still continue to present a barrier to students learning effectively and therefore reaching their full potential. With the new and exciting innovations in the field of education technology it is envisaged that it will be possible to deliver academic skills in a variety of engaging ways. Due to the changing landscape of higher education with the resulting increase in provision of flexible, distributed or collaborative learning courses and students entering from non-traditional routes, there is a need to provide academic skills support in a variety of accessible and flexible means.


To create a series of interactive, electronic learning objects focusing upon specific academic skills, such as critical thinking, academic writing and referencing.

Project Team

Helen Heywood [Project Lead]
Academic Skills Coordinator

Adam Read
Senior e-Learning Technologist

2012 | University of St Mark & St John