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Audex: Accessibility Redefined (available on Android)

Good for:

Labelling unlabelled items on your
Audible feedback to help control th
Customisable sounds and works well

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Audex: Accessibility Redefined (available on Android)

What is Audex: Accessibility Redefined?

Audex: Accessibility Redefined is an app for Android that will help to provide greater access and control over the smart device. The app provides audible support for a variety of functions as well as a smart labelling system for labelling all the unlabelled items.

Benefits of using Audex: Accessibility Redefined

  • Provides useful feedback on a number of functions on the app, such as performing gestures and scrolling
  • Labels unlabelled items on the phone

Tools and Features of Audex: Accessibility Redefined

Audex also provides audible feedback for many events such as:

  • Clicking
  • Touching/Hovering,
  • Swiping on the screen,
  • Opening/closing the windows and menus,
  • Scrolling,
  • Performing the gestures,
  • Starting/Finishing the gestures,
  • Long pressing,
  • Charger Plugging/Unplugging,
  • Screen On/Off etc.
  • Different-different sounds are associated with every event out there.

This app can be used in conjunction with/without any screen reader such as:

  • Google Talkback,
  • Shine Plus,
  • Samsung Voice Assistant etc.
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