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NotNav GPS Accessibility (Available on Android)

Good for:

An orientation aid for the blind
Works when the screen is turned off
Familiarisation of places and desti

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NotNav GPS Accessibility (Available on Android)

What is NotNav GPS Accessibility?

NotNav is an orientation aid for the blind and visually impaired. NotNav was developed by the blind, for the blind.

Benefits of using NotNav GPS Accessibility

  • Developed by the blind for the blind
  • Quick editing – most edits within Photoshop can be done with a simple click on a button

Tools and Features of Photoshop

  • NotNav continuously announces:

    + Your compass heading
    + The nearest street address
    + Any nearby cross streets or POI
    + Any nearby user defined waypoints
  • Works when the phone screen is off and tucked away out of sight in a
  • Uses Google's online services. NotNav is ready to go as soon as
    its installed - no need to download map data files.