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Learning new terminology
Range of study modes
Terms & descriptions

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What is iconWhat is Quizlet?

Quizlet is a free to use web based app that provides learning tools for students, including flash cards, study and games modes. It is free to set up a basic account, and is a great tool to use for learning new terminology.

Benefits iconBenefits of using Quizlet 

  • Easy to use
  • User generated sets of terms and descriptions
  • Great way to learn new terminology
  • There is a Quizlet app for iOS and Android
  • An app is also available in the Chrome Store and can be added to G-Suite
  • A range of study modes are generated for sets and diagrams

Tools & Features iconQuizlet tools and features 

  • Sets and Diagrams - search for existing sets/diagrams or create your own
  • Sets – Study modes generated:
    • Learn – as you improve, questions become harder
    • Flashcards – identify term by reading description
    • Write – read description and type in answer
    • Spell – type what you hear
    • Test -  written, multi choice and drag/drop responses
    • Match – drag corresponding items onto each other to make them disappear
    • Gravity (asteroid game mode) – select level of difficulty, if you miss a term twice an asteroid will destroy your planet
  • Diagrams – Study modes generated: learn, write, test or match
  • Create folders to organise your sets
  • Create classes to share sets with groups of students
  • Sharing – embed, send email or copy link

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