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Closed Caption Creator

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Captioning videos
Providing accessible media
Useful for social media

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Closed Caption Creator

What is Closed Caption Creator?

Closed Caption Creator is a web-based application used to create, edit, and export closed caption files in multiple formats.

This means users can import video from multiple sources (e.g. local disk, YouTube, Vimeo, AWS, etc.) and begin creating captions for their content. It also means we support closed caption and plain-text import so users can edit caption files or transcripts.

Benefits of using Closed Caption Creator

  • Upload videos or copy a url from the browser
  • Use the tools to type text 
  • Easily position the captions where you want them

Closed Caption Creator features

  • Tools for acurately adding captions
  • In code and out code
  • Text alignment options
  • Stylise text
  • Update position of captions on screen
  • Save project, import and export to a variety of formats
  • Contains a suite of auto-fixing tools

More information

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