About TELKit

The Marjon TELKit includes information, videos and links for a range of tools and applications (many of which are free) that can be used to help enhance learning and teaching. Information about each tool is displayed on a TELKit card. 

The front of each TELKit card...

Contains the name and logo of the tool, three things that the tool is good for and a star rating provided by users

The back of each TELKit card...

Is displayed when you hover over the card and has information about the tool and a ‘read more’ link that takes you to the page for that TELKit tool.

TELKit tool page

This page contains information about the tool including: benefits and features, video and links to tutorials and downloads. It is also where users can rate the tool based on their experience of using it.

Finding a tool in the Marjon TELKit

There are a few ways for you to find tools that you are interested in:  

  • All tools - To view all tools in the TELKit, click the ‘View the cards’ menu button 
  • View options - Once on 'View the cards' page, there are options to view cards in ascending order (A-Z), descending order (Z-A) and by date added
  • Tags - Click a relevant tag to find tools to be used for a specific purpose
  • Search feature - Use the search feature to enter a keyword (e.g. collaboration) or the name of a tool

The team plan to add to the TELKit as new tools come to light. If you can recommend any tools that we haven't yet included, please let us know.