Marjon TELKit FAQs

How do I use the search feature?

Enter your search term (a keyword or the name of a tool) into the search box and click the 'Go' button. Cards in the TELKit are searched for matching tags and you will see a list of search results displayed in order of relevance. Click the first link to view TELKit cards relevant to your search.  

What is the tag block?

The tag block is displayed on each TELKit page. Clicking on a specific tag will retrieve tools that are relevant to that tag - e.g. clicking the 'Projects' tag currently retrieves Lino, Padlet, Trello and Wunderlist cards, all of which are useful for elements of project work.

How do I return to view all cards after using a tag or keyword search? 

On the page displaying cards that match your search term (or selected tag) you will see a banner informing you of what cards on the page are tagged with (e.g. These cards are tagged with 'Projects'). Click 'clear tags' at the end of the banner to return to all cards.

Is there a way to view the cards in alphabetic order?

Yes. You can choose to view cards in ascending or descending order, or by date added. These options are displayed at the top of the 'View the Cards' page.

I want to run a poll during a session but don’t have time to look at each TELKit card to find out what’s available for this.

Use the search feature to find relevant tools or click the ‘poll’ tag (right hand side of page).

A colleague has mentioned a great collaboration tool that I'd like to know more about. I've searched the Marjon TELKit but can't find any information about it. Are you able to look into this?

Yes. Please let us know about any TEL tools that you are using or are interested in. If you email the team:  we will look at adding cards for new tools.

What is a Marjon G-Suite account?

Marjon G-Suite accounts (previously called Google Apps for Education) provide staff with access to Google Drive and a range of Google apps including: Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Drawings, Maps and Sites. If you would like a Marjon G-Suite account, please contact the elearning team.

How do you decide which tools to include in the TELKit?

We add tools to the TELKit based on how useful we think they will be to staff and students. 

Are tools tested before being added to the TELKit?

Yes, the team try out and test tools (where possible) prior to adding them to the TELKit. However, as the University has no control over third party software, we recommend that you read through our Third Party Software Disclaimer before installing any software.