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What is Padlet?

Padlet is a web based collaboration tool that is great for brainstorming and/or expressing thoughts on a common topic. It is free to set up a basic account and once registered, you create Padlet walls (which are like virtual bulletin boards) that can be shared with students for them to contribute to.

Benefits of using Padlet 

  • Great for collaboration and knowledge sharing – group ideas, discussion, brainstorming etc
  • Students can use their own devices to engage with activity
  • No sign up required for students
  • Encourages greater participation
  • Students can use Padlet during a lecture to post subject related questions
  • Tutors can add an open ended question for students to respond to 

Padlet tools and features 

  • Drag and drop documents from your desktop, click wall to add post, paste from clipboard
  • Add different media – images, videos, podcasts
  • Watch updates appear instantly across devices
  • Multiple user access (unlimited contributors)
  • Padlet walls can be downloaded in PDF format
  • Creator can monitor, move and delete posts
  • Apps available for iOS, Android and Kindle devices
  • A range of privacy settings 

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