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Google Forms

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Google Forms

What are Google forms?

Google forms are a free to use online questionnaire tool that can be used to create custom surveys, polls and quizzes.

Benefits of using Google Forms

  • Professional looking questionnaires can be created in a relatively short time
  • Share your form with colleagues or team members so that you can work on it together
  • Links to your Google forms can be added to your webpage or emailed to individuals
  • Responses are captured automatically in real time

Google Forms tools and features

  • Customise your form with background colours, built in themes or your own photos
  • Use a range of built in questions types
  • Make a question mandatory
  • View responses on the responses tab of the form, download responses in spreadsheet format, add to existing spreadsheet or download as a csv file
  • Use the email notification add-on to receive form data via email

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