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Google Quiz

What are Google Quizzes?    

Google Quizzes are a free to use online tool. They are based on Google forms and you can create a new quiz from scratch or turn an existing Google form into a quiz. Question types used need to be multiple choice or have checkbox or dropdown options for you to select the correct answer.

Benefits of Using Google Quizzes

  • Professional looking questionnaires can be created in a relatively short time
  • Links to quizzes can be added to your webpage or emailed to individuals
  • Share your quiz with colleagues or team members so that you can work on it together
  • Responses are captured automatically in real time

Google Quiz tools and features

  • Quizzes can be customised background colours, built in themes or your own photos
  • Automatic grading and feedback (optional)
  • email notification of responses
  • View a summary or individual responses

 More Information

  • Creating a Google Quiz
  • Google Quiz is available in the Marjon G-Suite, if you are interested in using Google Quiz (or any other Google app) and do not currently have a Marjon Google account then please get in contact with the MeLT team: who will set up an account for you
  • If you have an account, click here to create a new Google Quiz from scratch

How to create a self grading Google quiz