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What is Edublogs?

Edublogs is a WordPress based blogging platform designed for use within education.  All Marjon staff and students have free access to the Edublogs platform and some modules require students to create an Edublogs site as part of the assessment criteria for the course.

Benefits of using Edublogs

  • Gain valuable and transferable skills - Edublogs is based on the WordPress platform which is an industry standard
  • Develop a professional portfolio to showcase your work
  • Blogs can be shared
  • Receive comments/feedback

Edublogs tools and features

  • Diverse selection of built in themes (including mobile (responsive themes)
  • Custom menus – rearrange, add and remove items, create nested sub-menus
  • Add text, images, videos, links to other webpages
  • Add a featured image for each new post
  • Preview post, save draft, publish options
  • Choose from a wide selection of widgets
  • Choose from a selection of plugins

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