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What is is a tool for creating curated online newspapers using content from Twitter, RSS feeds, Facebook, Google+ and YouTube. Basic accounts are free and are perfect for personal use to follow your topics of interest. 

Benefits of using

  • Create up to 10 newspapers with free account
  • will add articles to your newspaper from websites you visit at the click of a button
  • Great for selecting, organising and sharing quality information
  • Increase your readership and audience
  • Use to influence others, promote yourself or monitor competition tools and features

  • Choose from a range of themes
  • Enter keywords and select what to include in your paper from search results
  • Import from up to 10 streams including Facebook and Twitter feeds, keywords and hashtags
  • Arrange order of content
  • Embed your finished paper in your website/blog or get the URL and paste into email etc
  • Tweet out automatically if you’re on Twitter

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