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Online Presence - CV/resume
Connections and networking
Job hunting

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 What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social networking site for professionals. It is free to set up a basic account and once registered, users create a profile consisting of information about their skills, education and work history. Connections on LinkedIn have to be people you have worked with, been to school with or know professionally and the aim is to build up a trusted professional network.

Benefits of having a LinkedIn account

  • A great platform to share your online resume and information about skills and achievements
  • Your LinkedIn profile is often the first thing a potential employer will look at
  • Endorsements and recommendations from previous employers and colleagues builds your online credibility
  • Allows you to network with other Industry professionals
  • Many organisations use LinkedIn when they hiring or headhunting

LinkedIn Tools and Features:

  • Join online groups and discussions
  • Share updates, images, articles and videos
  • View a selection of job vacancies tailored to your skills and strengths
  • Keep up to date with latest business trends and practice by following  businesses and experts in your field of interest
  • Grow your network by asking your connections to introduce you to their connections
  • Ask connections for a statement of recommendation 
  • Control who sees your posts – Public, Public & Twitter, Connections

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