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What is Screencastify?

Screencastify is a screencasting tool that works with Google Chrome. It is free to sign up for the Lite version which allows you to record up to 10 minutes per video with an embedded Screencastify logo.

Benefits of using Screencastify

  • Great tool for recording short walk throughs
  • Simple to use
  • Store your videos on Google Drive or locally on the device you’re using

Screencastify tools and features

  • Record video with webcam or record what’s happening on your desktop or a specific web browser tab
  • Capture audio
  • Pause recording
  • Option to switch from standard mouse to a focus mouse
  • Pen tool to write or draw on the recorded screen
  • Change size/colour of pen
  • Eraser and wipe screen cleaner tools allow you to erase anything you’ve drawn or written
  • Share your video on Google Drive/YouTube or email the link/add link to your webpage 

More Information

  • Get Screencastify
  • Screencastify is available in the Marjon G-Suite, if you are interested in using Screencastify (or any other Google extension or app) and do not currently have a Marjon Google account then please get in contact with the MeLT team: who will set up an account for you.

Using Screencastify