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Microsoft Powerpoint

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Microsoft Powerpoint

What is PowerPoint?

Microsoft PowerPoint is a popular presentation program that is widely used in education and business. It is an intuitive program to use and professional looking presentations can be created in a relatively short time.

Presentations consist of a series of slides on which text, images and videos can be added and are usually projected onto a whiteboard allowing the audience a clear view as the presenter delivers their presentation.

Benefits of using PowerPoint:

  • An easy way to organise ideas and information
  • Visual cues in presentation slides can help you when delivering your presentation
  • Ensures content is covered without forgetting anything
  • Makes presentation more interesting and can help improve the audience’s focus

PowerPoint tools and features:

  • Select from a range of templates and built in design themes
  • Select your own colours and fonts
  • Insert images, clipart, shapes, charts, tables, videos, hyperlinks and audio
  • Add animation effects to text, images and other objects in your presentation
  • Add transitions to your slides
  • Add presenter notes to each slide. They can then be printed and referred to when delivering the presentation
  • Rehearse the timings of your presentation
  • Record timings and narrations
  • Select different views of your presentation (e.g. normal, slide sorter, reading view and slide show)
  • Select from a range of print options (e.g. full page slide, notes pages and handouts)
  • Save your presentation as as a movie. The file will be saved in WMV format, which is capable of playback on Windows Media Player and can be uploaded to most video sites 

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