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Lino It

What is Lino? 

Lino (aka Lino It) is a web based collaboration tool (similar to Padlet) that is ideal for brainstorming and/or expressing thoughts on a common topic. You can try Lino without setting up an account. If you like it, set up an account to save and share your canvases.

Benefits of using Lino

  • Great for collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Create as many canvases as you want
  • Students don’t need an account to access and post to your canvas

 Lino tools and features

  • Post memos, task lists, ideas, images and videos
  • Embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo and Ustream
  • Upload files
  • Create groups
  • Share your canvases
  • Sticky note options – drag, resize, edit, set due date, send (email), copy to another canvas, highlight new comments
  • email notification option when someone posts a sticky
  • Option to share on Twitter and Facebook
  • Download lino app for android, iPhone and iPad

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