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Data manipulation
Statistical tests
Data analysis

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What is SPSS?

SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Science), is a statistical package that is used to carry out complex data manipulation and analysis.

Before using SPSS, it is important that users know what test they need to carry out as the software can be used to carry out a number of different tests. The software can be used to help identify which test needs to be carried out by creating graphical representations of the data.

Benefits of using SPSS

  • Comprehensive data management tools using a simple spreadsheet format.
  • Excellent graphical display options, this includes scatterplots, boxplots and histograms to identify the patterns in your data.
  • A broad range of highly flexible statistical models including general linear models and variety of logistic regression models.  

SPSS tools and features

  • Detailed labelling of variables and data values
  • Reads various different raw variable files and can combine and output multiple files
  • Does a range of different statistical tests including procedures for examining data before analysis

More information

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