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Movie Maker

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Creating movies
Video editing

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Movie Maker

What is Movie Maker?

Movie Maker is a free to use video editing program that comes as standard with most Windows computers.  It allows you to create movies by bringing together video, audio and other multimedia content.

Benefits of using Movie Maker

  • Easy to use
  • Designed for people with little or no video editing experience
  • Professional looking videos created relatively quickly

Movie Maker tools and features

  • Import photos and videos from your computer or camera
  • Record narration
  • Access to free to use music  
  • After capture you can drag and drop videos and images anywhere on the timeline
  • Add text, transitions, effects, titles and credits
  • AutoMovie theme – transforms videos and photos into a finished movie complete with transitions etc
  • Video editing tools – trim, split, adjust speed of your movie
  • Audio editing tools – adjust volume, fade music in or out
  • Publish to social media (e.g. Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook)
  • Save as MP4 or WMV file

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