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Video editing

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What is iMovie?

iMovie for iOS and macOS is a free video editing program that allows you to create and edit movies on iOS devices and Macs. iMovie allows you to select videos, images and audio files that can you can then edit to alter duration and speed and add effects, transitions, titles an credits to.

Benefits of using iMovie

  • Easy to use
  • iMovie for iOS and iMovie for macOS work together so you can start a project on your iphone and continue on iPad or Mac
  • Watch and edit anywhere
  • Your completed movies show in iMovie Theatre on all your devices

iMovie tools and features

  • Import video and audio files
  • Add titles and credits to your movie
  • Add animations, effects and transitions
  • Add music (your own or access free music)
  • Add sound effects and voice over recording
  • Split screen and picture in picture options
  • Add video filters to individual clips or entire movie
  • Publish directly to Facebook and Vimeo or post to YouTube in 4K resolution

More information

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