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What is Mendeley?

Mendeley is a free web based citation software that provides reference management tools.  Once you have signed up for an account you can download the desktop app and are provided with 2GB of free web storage space in which to store your citation data. 

The desktop app is also available to install on all campus computers

Benefits of using Mendeley

  • Build up your own library of organised citations and PDF's 
  • Access your resources from anywhere
  • Highlighting text and adding notes makes it easy to go straight to the text that you are interested in
  • Easy to add citations and bibliographies directly into the document you have open 


Mendeley tools and features

  • Citations and PDF's you add via the desktop app are uploaded to your Mendeley account and can be accessed from anywhere
  • Citation details are automatically extracted from any files and resources you add 
  • Folders can be created to organise citations and PDF's 
  • Search for key words within all documents, a specific document or folders
  • Filter by author
  • You can add notes and highlight text in any document you have open
  • Free Mendeley Word plugin allows you to add citations and bibliographies directly into the document you have open
  • Literature Search tool retrieves journal articles based on the search term you entered - e.g. authors, article titles, publication names, year of publication, and to only open access publications
  • Groups can share citations and PDF's
  • Connect with researchers directly
  • Watch folder option - when setup, citations and PDF's added to selected folders on your hard drive are automatically imported to Mendeley when you open the desktop app
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