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Google Sheets

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Google Sheets

What are Google Sheets?

Google Sheets is a free to use web based application that is bundled with Google Drive, Google Docs and Google Slides. It is similar to Microsoft Excel and has many of the formatting tools that are available in Excel aswell as a range of free add-ons that can be selected at the click of a button.

Benefits of using Google Sheets

  • No installation needed
  • Sheets can be accessed from any device using any browser and syncs across devices
  • Collaboration – work with colleagues or team members to edit a sheet together in real time
  • Removes version control problems – current version is available in one place to all who have access
  • All changes are saved automatically

 Google Sheets tools and features

  • Create, edit and format Sheets in your browser
  • Select from a wide variety of templates
  • Import Microsoft Excel files which will be converted to Google Sheets
  • Add comments – tag someone in a comment
  • Create a form to feed into the Sheet
  • Access to all previous versions of the Sheet
  • Download Sheets in a number of formats (including MS Excel and PDF)
  • Charts can be saved as images
  • Offline mode

More information

  • Google Sheets get started guide
  • Google Sheets is available in the Marjon G-Suite, if you are interested in using Google Sheets (or any other Google app) and do not currently have a Marjon Google account then please get in contact with the MeLT team: who will set up an account for you.

Google Sheets Overview