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Good for:

Qualitative & mixed method analysis
Organising and classifying data
Identifying patterns

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What is NVivo?

NVivo is an analysis tool for qualitative and mixed methods research that is designed to help you organise, analyse and find insights in unstructured or qualitative data. It could be a particularly useful tool for Post Graduate Dissertation and Social Science students. The University has an NVivo site licence. Staff and students who would like to use the software should contact ComputingServices.  

Benefits of using NVivo

  • Great for managing and organising data
  • Store everything related to your research in one place
  • Makes the process of content analysis easier

 NVivo tools and features

  • Import documents, text files, excel files, pdf files, audio, video, photos, images
  • Import bibliographical data from Mendeley, EndNote, RefWorks or Zotero
  • Organise and classify your data in ‘nodes’ – e.g. people, places, organisations
  • Annotate data and attach memos to files
  • Create codes to identify patterns
  • Smart search and find tools
  • Query tools to explore data, test theories and make discoveries
  • Interchange and share your data
  • Create models to display ideas, connections and findings – e.g. graphs, word clouds, tree maps and word trees
  • Collaboration – work in teams

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