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What is Socrative?

Socrative is a web based question and feedback tool that can be used to initiate formative assessment within a lecture or session. It is free to set up a basic account, which will allow 50 students to participate in an activity at one time. Students can access the system from their own devices (using a Socrative app or any browser at to answer pre-planned questions and/or respond to quick question polls.

Benefits of using Socrative 

  • Visual representation of student responses/progress
  • Students can use their own devices to engage with activities
  • Great for formative assessment
  • Allows for pre-planned quizzes or quick question polls
  • Web based so can access from anywhere 

Socrative tools and features 

  • Quiz question types include multiple choice, true/false and short answer
  • Quizzes can be set up to allow instant feedback, open navigation or teacher paced progression
  • Exit ticket – four questions to indicate student understanding
  • View student results in real time
  • Share quizzes with colleagues so that they can directly import a copies of your quizzes into their accounts
  • Display student responses/progress
  • Reports – whole class Excel, Individual student(s) .PDF, question specific .PDF
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