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Digital art
Web and print comics
Concept art

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What is Krita?

Krita is a free to use open source painting application designed for artists and illustrators who want to create digital art, web and print comics, concept art etc.

Benefits of using Krita

  • Krita is available for Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Free to download
  • Professional quality
  • Intuitive and user friendly interface
  • Easy access to tools - Right click anywhere on the Krita canvas to access a selection wheel where you can choose a new tool or select a colour in seconds 

Krita tools and features

  • Pop up colour palette
  • Brush stabilisers – 3 different ways to stabilise your brush
  • Brush engines – customise your brushes
  • Wrap around mode – create seamless textures and patterns
  • Drawing assistants
  • Mirroring tools
  • Layer management
  • Layer masks
  • Full colour management
  • Transform tools
  • Resource manager – import brush and texture packs from other artists
  • Open Photoshop PSD files

More information

Introduction to Krita