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Personal and career development
CV Builder and Interview Simulator
24/7 Employability support

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What is Futures?

Futures offers a wealth of free online employability resources that are accessible 24/7 using your Marjon login. Marjon Alumni are able to access Futures for three years after they graduate. Futures can be accessed via: Current staff and students should access Futures by clicking on the green ‘Students’ pane. 

Benefits of using Futures

The web-based resource, which is supplied and regularly updated by Abintegro, provides resources that will help students to develop their employability skills. The resources take many forms – film, written guidance, step-by-step wizards and presentations that will support students to interrogate their skills, attributes, knowledge and experience. Futures includes input from employers from across a range of sectors providing a valuable ‘employer view’ of recruitment and career development. There are also a wealth of resources that will benefit Marjon alumni, affording UnderGround the opportunity to continue to support alumni for up to three years after they graduate. A proposition that was well received by graduates and their supporters at graduation ceremonies this year.

Research shows that students who develop and understand the myriad of elements that comprise ‘employability skills’ alongside their academic learning will essentially become more employable resulting in a positive impact on the student’s career and personal wellbeing outcomes as well as Marjon’s reputation for graduate employability.

Futures tools and features

The Futures is packed with interactive tools, e-learning content and the latest job opportunities.

It is designed to help you navigate today's job market and move your career forward with confidence, whether searching for your first role or going through a career change. Tools and features include:

  • CV Builder – build your CV
  • Interview Simulator – take a mock interview online
  • Job Search Engine – find great job opportunities
  • Career Assessments & Quizzes
  • Self-development – recognise your skills & preferences
  • Networking – discover companies, people & roles
  • Video Hub of Employers and Career Coaches – get real advice from employers
  • Learn how to market yourself online
  • Weekly Futures Newsletter

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