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What is Mentimeter?

Mentimeter is a cloud based tool (similar to Socrative/Poll Everywhere) that can be used to ask questions and initiate formative assessment within a lecture or session. It is free to set up a basic account, which will allow you to create two questions per presentation with no limitation on the number of participants. If you want to include more questions or have access to additional features such as security and privacy, customisation and exporting results, there are a few subscription options available. Students can access the Mentimeter from their own devices to respond to questions/polls.

Benefits of using Mentimeter 

  • Visual representation of student responses/progress
  • Students can use their own devices to engage with activities
  • Great for formative assessment or to engage participants at meetings, events or conferences
  • Allows for pre-planned quizzes or quick question polls
  • No limit to the number of participants

Mentimeter tools and features

  • Slide 1 displays web address and 6 digit code for audience to access on their own devices
  • When presenting there is an option to toggle instructions and code (e.g. for anyone arriving late)
  • A range of question types including: multiple choice, image choice, word cloud (formed with participant responses), quiz, scales, open ended, 100 points, 2 by 2 matrix and who will win?
  • Option of presenter or audience pace
  • Built in themes
  • Start a countdown – closing the vote after a certain time
  • Hide/clear results
  • Close voting (option to reopen it again whenever you want)

More information

Innovative corporate training with Mentimeter (this video showcases a range of question types)