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augmented reality
supporting simulated practice
creating virtual tours

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What is Aurasma?

Aurasma is an augmented reality site that allows you to turn everyday objects, images and places into new, interactive opportunities to engage your audience.  It allows you to attach a video or website to any still photo or object so that when the photo/object is scanned with a smartphone or tablet, the video/website will open and/or play. The Aurasma Studio enables you to create, manage and track your augmented reality experiences (which are referred to as Auras) and is free to use once you have set up an account.  

Benefits of using Aurasma

  • Free to use and free app available for iOS and Android
  • Students can use their own device to engage with activities
  • Use in teaching to support simulated practice
  • Use in Marketing to create campus tours
  • Use in Admissions to provide virtual tours of facilities tailored to the interest of prospective students

Aurasma tools and features

  • Upload images to use as triggers and overlays
  • Create folders to organise your trigger images and overlays
  • Segments – allow individual auras to share multiple experiences with the viewer (e.g. region, date, time platform or device 
  • Templates – choose from a range of templates built and shared by users
  • Trigger image co-ordinates – to activate at specific points
  • Auras can include multiple overlays, and those overlays can have various commands attached to them
  • Explore page -  see what others are creating
  • Share auras publicly or keep them private
  • Hashtag search feature

More Information

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