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Marjon Mobile

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Personalised information
Campus updates
QR Code Reader

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Marjon Mobile

What is Marjon Mobile?

Marjon Mobile is the official app for students, staff and visitors of Plymouth Marjon University. By logging in to the app using Marjon account details, students and staff can quickly gain access to a range of personalised information and campus updates.

Benefits of using Marjon Mobile

  • Easy access to a range of information in one place
  • App is available for Android phones and tablets, iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch, Web version (Windows phone and Blackberry)

Marjon Mobile tools and features

  • Links to LearningSpace, Library Services, Learning Zone, Student Handbook and more
  • QR code reader – to scan various QR codes on material around campus and take you directly to a webpage with more information
  • Customised timetable – covering the next 10 days and with a direct link to the campus map to show you exactly where to go
  • Marjon email
  • Interactive campus map – featuring a custom room search
  • Real time display of your print balance and links to show how to add more credit
  • Live news feeds pulled directly from the Hub and LearningSpace
  • Library Services – up to date information on opening/closing times, displays your current loan items and due dates and integrated library search
  • Campus weather for the next 3 days
  • Bus services departing from Marjon Sports Centre - Live departure times and route destinations
  • A comprehensive staff listing area with email and telephone contact details. The listing also features a search function which will make finding a tutor or a campus service easier than ever

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