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What is Mahara?

Mahara is a digital portfolio (ePortfolio) tool that Marjon students (and staff) have access to via LearningSpace. While some modules require students to use Mahara to develop a portfolio of evidence whilst on placement, students can also use Mahara to create their own portfolios and it is a great way to organise and showcase work.

Benefits of using Mahara

  • Great to keep a digital record of your learning
  • Showcase your work
  • Own file area to store uploaded files
  • Share your portfolio (with Marjon staff/students and/or people outside Marjon)
  • Receive comments/feedback

Mahara tools and features

  • Create or copy pages (ePortfolio)
  • Create multiple page portfolios (navigation added automatically)
  • Choose from a range of layouts (or create your own)
  • Add files, text, images, image gallery, embedded media
  • Other built in tools: Journals (used for blogs), resume and action plans

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