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Displaying visual tweets
Audience participation and interact
Discussion aid

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What is HootFeed?

HootFeed is a live Twitter stream tool that is free to use and simple to set up. It displays tweets containing your predetermined hashtag(s) which can then be displayed on screen(s) at your event. It is a great way to encourage audience participation by allowing people to interact with your event’s feed.  You can use HootFeed without creating an account, or you can opt to sign up a free account or  one of the four subscription plans. 

Benefits of using HootFeed

  • Simple to set up
  • Allows the audience to interact with your event
  • Greater participation – including those daunted by the prospect of sharing their opinion or asking a question verbally
  • Allows people viewing remotely to contribute 
  • Can be a great discussion aid
  • Can be used without setting up an account
  • Browser based with no installation

HootFeed tools and features

  • Add company name and logo
  • Change header and tweets background colours
  • Change header and tweets text colour
  • Profanity filter option
  • A URL is created for each HootFeed you setup which be copied and then pasted into your browser when you want to revisit
  • 3 social profiles (available if you sign up for a free account)
  • Content scheduling (available if you sign up for a free account)
  • Basic analytics (available if you sign up for a free account)

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