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Hangouts Meet

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Hangouts Meet

What is Hangouts Meet?

Hangouts Meet is a video conferencing app designed for HD video meetings. Released by Google in February 2017, it is part of G-Suite and allows up to 25 participants in each session. Hangouts Meet has been designed specifically for video conferencing with call quality much better than that of Hangouts (which will in the future focus on instant messaging with a few new features). 

Benefits of using Hangouts Meet

  • Free to use for those with G-Suite accounts
  • Intuitive, quick and easy to set up a video conference call
  • Supports HD video
  • No need for participants to create an account or install a plugin
  • Participants can join using a web browser or smartphone app (available for iOS and Android)

Hangouts Meet tools and features

  • Enables G-Suite users to create and schedule video conferencing calls
  • A code is generated for each Meet that allows anyone (with or without a Google account) to participate
  • Supports Google Calendar events and Gmail reminders, including links to join the discussion
  • Guests can forward the meeting link to other people (if not directly invited, you will receive a request to join)
  • You can start an instant meeting in your browser
  • Meetings can include a dial in option for audio only access
  • Present your screen (choose to share your entire screen or a Window)

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