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What is logoWhat is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social network that allows you to collect images, videos, infographics and links to online articles and organise them by posting them (known as pinning) to a series of boards. Users can share their boards with others and refer back to them later. It is free to set up an account and is great to use for organising visual resources. Users are allowed to create 500 boards and 200,000 Pins. There is also a Pinterest app for mobile devices (iOS and Android).

Benefits logoBenefits of using Pinterest

  • Great for searching, discovering and curating ideas
  • An effective way to keep track of what you find on the Internet
  • Collect resources for research or personal interest
  • Curate a board collaboratively
  • Explore new ideas by searching for Pins, people, or boards
  • Use as a presentation tool

Tools and features logoPinterest tools and features

  • Pin button – add this to your browsers’ bookmarks then click it to pin any webpage
  • Add a pin (website URL) or Upload a Pin (a resource you have saved on your computer – e.g. a graphic, pdf, video etc)
  • Organise your Pins by saving to boards
  • Name and arrange boards in any order
  • Secret boards – only you can see the Pins saved
  • Home feed – shows Pins saved by the people, topics and boards you follow
  • Take a photo of anything for a visual search
  • Tweet your Pin

More information logoMore information

Video logoPinterest overview