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Google Slides

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Google Slides

What are Google Slides?

Google Slides is a free to use online presentation app that has a similar interface to PowerPoint.  As with PowerPoint, professional looking presentations can be created in a relatively short time although Google Slides has other tools and features that give it an edge.

Presentations consist of a series of slides on which text, images and videos can be added and are usually projected onto a whiteboard allowing the audience a clear view as the presenter delivers their presentation.  

Benefits of using Google Slides 

  • Web based so can access presentations from any device using any browser
  • Easier to locate than searching folders on hard drive/USB
  • Can work collaboratively with colleagues to create/edit slides at the same time 

Google Slides tools and features 

  • Presenters can start a live Q&A session with their audience during a presentation
  • Download presentations in a range of different formats including .pptx and pdf
  • Embed YouTube videos
  • Import presentations created in PowerPoint
  • Select form a range of templates and built in themes
  • Add animations and transitions
  • Insert images, shapes, charts, tables, videos and hyperlinks 

More Information

  • Using Google Slides
  • Google Slides is available in the Marjon G-Suite, if you are interested in using Google Slides (or any other Google app) and do not currently have a Marjon Google account then please get in contact with the MeLT team: who will set up an account for you.