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    What we do:

    Our service is totally confidential and enables you to discuss issues including:

    • Extenuating Circumstances
    • Appeals against University of St Mark & St John decisions relating to your academic progress
    • Complaining if you feel the University of St Mark & St John has failed in its procedures
    • Self-certify in the case of illness


    We provide advice and guidance with any problems students may encounter through their academic programme such as:

    • Long term illness.
    • Interruption, re-start or transferring
    • Module and programme changes
    • Mode of study from part-time to full-time or vice versa

    All forms for the above are available from Registry, Student Support or online.

    Forms need to be signed off by the Academic Information & Guidance Adviser

    Who we are:

    Caroline Broad - Academic Information & Guidance Co-ordinator

    For information, appointments and drop-ins:

    • In Person: Advice Desk, Student Support, Ground Floor of the HDC Building
    • Telephone: 01752 636891 or internal extension: 2091
    • Email: studentsupport@marjon.ac.uk 

    Drop in times:

    • Tuesday: 12pm - 1.30 pm
    • Wednesday: 12pm - 1.30 pm
    • Thursday: 12pm - 1.30 pm


    N.B. Any drop in changes will be notified via the HUB.

    How to apply for Extenuating Circumstances

    - Read the Student Regulations on extenuating circumstances. You can view these HERE (relevant information located in section 4)

    - Make sure you know the module number(s) and the assessment/exam date(s) of the work you want to apply for extenuating circumstances in.

    - Obtain a paper copy of an Extenuating Circumstances Form from Student Support or download one from the Registry Documents page of LearningSpace. Fill out the form and drop it into Registry (in the Desmond Tutu building).

    Withdrawing from your studies at Marjon.

    - Before submitting a Withdrawal Form to Registry Services it is reccomended that you speak to your Academic Adviser/Personal Tutor and/or Programme Leader to discuss your situation.

    - You can obtain a paper copy of a Withdrawal Form either from Student Support or download from the Registry Documents page of LS.

    - Once you have spoken to your Academic Adviser/Personal Tutor, you will then need to meet with one the Student Funding Advice team to discuss the financial implications of a withdrawal.

    How to retake modules or the year

    -Read the Student Regulations on retakes. You can view these HERE (relevant information located in section 6)

    -Obtain a paper copy of the Module/Year retake form. These can be found in Student Support or downloaded from the Registry Documents page of LS.

    -Arrange a meeting with the Programme Leader of the module/subject that you plan to retake. If they approve your application then they are required to sign your form.

    -Arrange a meeting with a Student Funding Adviser and the Academic Information & Guidance Adviser in Student Support or alternatively you can attend one of their drop ins. (Information of which can be found above).
    Please note that a signature is needed from both these departments to complete your form.

    - Once completed, hand your form in to Registry Services.

    (Students wishing to re-take the year or re-take modules should note that any unpaid fees or library fines will prevent them from re-registering. All debts must be settled with Finance prior to re-registration)

    How to transfer to a new programme

    - Read the Student Regulations on programme transfers, you can view these HERE (relevant information located in Section 2).

    - Obtain a paper copy of the Programme Transfer Request Form. These can be found in the Student Support reception or downloaded from the Registry Documents page of LS.

    - Arrange a meeting with the programme leader of the module/subject that you plan to transfer to, they will be able to answer any queries about the course that you might have and are required to sign your Transfer Form.

    - Arrange a meeting with the Academic Information & Guidance Co-Ordinator in Student Support. A discussion with a member of the Academic Information & Guidance team will make you more aware of the academic and financial implications of your specific transfer. Depending on the programme you wish to transfer to, a further meeting with a member of our Student Funding Advice team may also be necessary. Please note that in some cases a signature is needed from a Funding Adviser to complete your application for a transfer.

    How to apply for an Interruption of Studies

    - If you are considering interruption for any reason, read Section 11 of the Student Regulations Framework which can be found: HERE.

    - Obtain a paper copy of an Interruption Form either from Student Support or download from the Registry Documents page of LS.

    - Meet with your Programme leader and Personal Tutor/Academic Adviser - they will need to sign the form.

    - Make an appointment to see the Academic Information & Guidance Adviser and the Student Funding Advice Team in Student Support, (see drop in times above). Please note that a signature is required from both of these departments to complete your form.

    - Return the completed form to Registry Services.

    How to Change Modules

    -Changing modules can usually only be done in the first 2 weeks of a semester.

    -If you wish to change modules you will need to complete a paper copy of the Module Transfer Form, this can be obtained from Student Support or downloaded from the Registry Documents page of LS. 

    -See your Programme Leader to discuss a module change, a signature will be required from your Programme Leader before you can submit a Module Change Form.

    -You will also need to book an appointment and obtain a signature from the Academic Information & Guidance Adviser. For the best times to arrange a meeting see drop-in schedule above.  

    -Return the completed form to Registry Services.


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