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  • Disability & Inclusion Advice Service (DIAS)

    What we do:

    • Provide information, advice, guidance and support covering a wide range of inclusion issues including disabilities, medical and mental health conditions and specific learning dificulties.

    We offer:

    • Eligible students guidance in applying for DSA's (Disabled Students Allowances)
    • Appropriate liaison with Academic Departments relating to on course support
    • Wider liason with other areas of Marjon
    • Specialist Study Skills tuition
    • On-going review of support

    Who are we:

    • Lynda Tout (Inclusion Co-ordinator)
    • Anne Lewis (Disability Adviser)
    • Nikki Breed (Assistant Disability Adviser)
    • Tory Adams (Specialist Mentor)
    • Sarah Ord-Houghton (Specialist Mentor)
    • Heather Sunderland (Specialist Study Skills Tutor)
    • Howard Coakley (Specialist Study Skills Tutor)
    • Edward Wood (Specialist Study Skills Tutor)
    • Jeremy Cox (Specialist Study Skills Tutor)

    Where are we:

    Student Support in HDC

    Drop in sessions:

    Contact Student Support Advice Desk for times


    Student Support Advice Desk


    External 01752 636891 / internal extension 2091

    Email: disability@marjon.ac.uk or studentsupport@marjon.ac.uk

    Guide to Needs Assessments

     DIAS - A Guide to Needs Assessments File

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