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    A range of practical and informative study guides for you to download on topics such as essay writing, Harvard referencing, time management and critical thinking. Most guides have links to a range of weblinks with further information or activities to assess your understanding and progress.

    Academic Writing 1This guide is an introduction to academic writing and has tips to help you get started on your first assignment.

    Academic writing 2This guide aims to help you improve the presentation of your academic writing and includes a proof-reading checklist.

    Assignment key wordsThis guide identifies and explains some of the assignment key terms you need to be familiar with to complete academic tasks successfully.

    Being critical vocabulary AidThis guide will help you to identify problems with a writer's arguments or methods, or perhaps to refer to other people's criticisms of these.

    Common knowledgeA general guide to common knowledge as an aid to referencing.

    Critical analysisThis guide looks at what critical analysis actually means and how a more critical approach can be developed.

    Critical Thinking ExerciseThis guide looks at what critical thinking actually means and has a few exercises to help you think more critically.

    Exams and revisionThis guide contains lots of practical advice on exam preparation and improving your performance on the day.

    Glossary of termsReally essential guide to some of the terms you require to get the most out of learning at HE level.

    How to Read a Journal ArticleJournal articles can be challenging  to read, but once you understand the structure of each article, understanding the content is much easier.

    Introduction to Referencing 
    This guide provides a basic introduction to Marjon's version of Harvard referencing, including how and why we need to do it.

    Learning from lecturesThis guide will help you get the most out of lectures.

    Linking expressionsThis guide identifies a number of linking expressions that can be used to link ideas together.

    Oral presentationsThis guide gives practical advice on preparing for and giving oral presentations.

    ParaphrasingA useful guide on paraphrasing with some examples of successful and unsuccessful paraphrases.

    PlagiarismA useful guide to what is plagiarism and how to avoid it.

    Proof readingThis guide will help you proof read more effectively.

    Punctuation guideThis guide provides a basic introduction to common punctuation marks and their usage.

    Reading EffectivelyThis guide contains practical advice on reading more effectively and efficiently.

    Reflective WritingA detailed guide on how to develop those all important reflective writing skills, which, hopefully, will enable you to recognise what affects your learning and performance, and thus how to progress.

    Reporting verbs-use this guide to help when referencing.
    This guide identifies some of the verbs used to report, quote and paraphrase.

    Responding to FeedbackThis guide explains how you should respond to feedback.

    SeminarsThis guide will help you get the most out of seminars.

    Signposting when writing EssaysA short guide to help you understand the concept of signposting, complete with some examples of how to use it effectively.

    Study apps for University studentsIf you have a smart phone these some of the best apps that will help you as a student-at the time of going to print!

    Studying at Masters LevelSome top tips to enable you to make the jump from studying at BA level to Masters level.

    Time managementThis guide gives lots of practical tips and advice on managing your time more effectively., as well as a link to a great time management toolkit.

    Understanding AssignmentsThis study guide will help you break down your assignment and begin to write an effective response

    Useful Links for connecting ideasThese words and phrases can be useful for connecting paragraphs, and developing an argument 'or line of reasoning in your essay

    Useful booksA list of books on Academic Skills.

    Writing conclusions - a vocabulary aidThis guide is a generic vocabulary aid for writing conclusions.

    Writing a dissertationThis guide offers practical advice on how to go about writing a dissertation.

    Writing Introductions - a vocabulary aid 
    This guide is a generic vocabulary aid for writing introductions.

    Writing a Literature ReviewA guide which will make writing a literature review straightforward.

    Writing a summaryThis guide gives practical advice on how to write a summary.

    Writing a reportThis guide gives practical advice on how to write a report.

    Writing stylesThis guide gives the principal requirements of plain English style, and concentrates attention on the rules of usage and principles of composition most commonly violated.

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