Body Language

Video Clips

I would always encourage them to practise in front of somebody so that they can point out their annoying habits of clicking a pen or fiddling with their hair. (DE)

Girls may want to think about what they are going to do with their hair, so they do not keep fiddling with it. For the men it is important that they do not have change in their pockets. (AT)

They often stand with one foot tucked behind the other, which makes them unsteady... You need a good solid foundation, because without that you cannot support your voice and you end up with a weedy and non-penetrative delivery... An awful lot of what you have to say will get lost (KL)

Do you have any "annoying habits" that you are aware of? If possible, watch a film of yourself giving a presentation; if you can't do that, try asking your friends!

Q1 [Clip 1]: Does it help the audience to know that her talk is divided into three parts? Do her gestures help to make this point more clearly?(answer)
Q2 [Clip 2]: What involuntary movements do you notice? (answer)