How we did it

We filmed a series of authentic presentations in the classroom, normally using lapel mikes for sound and two cameras. In total we gathered over 4 hours of recordings.

It can be intimidating enough just to stand up and deliver a presentation to your classmates, although with practice it shouldn't be. But presenting to your teachers with two cameramen in the room certainly heightens the challenge. The results are authentic, imperfect (fortunately, otherwise we wouldn't have much to show you), with on some occasions the same student illustrating both "good" and "bad" practice.

My thanks to all the students and staff who agreed to take part, and to Andy and colleagues at Coleridge Productions.


This project is dedicated to the memory of Marjon lecturer Keith Laity, whose interview contributed so much to the "Presentation Basics" video, but who sadly died before this project could be completed.


Michael Hall
Centre for International Education
June 2008