Video Clips

How important is it to give a clear structure to your talk? The best presentations are so well organised that their structure is invisible, but if you're developing your skills it's a good idea to make your structure explicit.

Your audience - and you - will find it easier to know where you are, and you will feel more comfortable if you have a structure to follow.

Think about these questions below as you watch these clips.

Q1 : What is the name of each presenter and topic of each presentation? (answer)
Q2 : Which introduction is more effective and why?

Giving a presentation is a formal activity, even if you are doing it in front of your classmates. You need to adopt the role of presenter and put a little distance between you and your audience. You should tell them your name and topic clearly and deliberately, even if they already know these things. The first two speakers are a little self-conscious about this.