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Student Union

The University Student Union has you, the student, at its heart. Offering support, guidance and advice, the MSU hosts societies, sports clubs and regular events to enrich students' experience both academically and socially.

The team comprises four permanent members of staff, and a varying number of part-time office volunteers. True to its ethos, the MSU is run by people elected by the students. Elections take place every year in March and all students are invited to put themselves forwards.

The MSU exists to make sure your university experience is as rewarding and positive as possible. Although obviously linked to the main University, the MSU is an independent charity and is therefore able to remain impartial when it comes to academic issues and more personal matters.

We sit on every major panel and decision making board at the university to ensure the students always have a voice and that it is heard, we are here in the interests of you and will always strive to make sure your student experience is the best it can possible be whilst you are here at Marjon.

The Student Union is a charity as well as independent from the institution which means we always have the student's best interest at heart. However, luckily we have an extremely strong partnership with our institution and we are always looking for that to grow, because when it comes down to it everyone wants the same thing for our students, to have the best time and get the most out of your university, both academically and experience wise.

As well as the constant meetings and boards we sit on, we often liaise with various departments within Marjon to make sure that anything that happens always has a positive impact on our students! This serious side of the student union's role is one that often gets overlooked by our students and always begs the question what does the student union actually do? Something we aim to achieve this year is a much more public understanding of what the jobs we do entail.

Having said this, there is another very small part of our job that we enjoy, that's the planning of; major social events including fresher's fortnight, graduation ball, rag week and the big one May Ball as well as much more.

We are a very unique student union due to the size of our institution, whereas most universities have a much bigger population of students and therefore a much bigger student union with more full time sabbatical officer roles. We are limited to just two elected full time sabbatical officers (compared to 5 at some student unions). We also have three other staff members that work in our office alongside us, as well as five voluntary officers in their second and third years that also get elected.

All together we make up your student union and everyone is here to ensure the student experience grows and grows and that we always represent you.

Due to our unique size as a university this allows for us to be a small community which makes our job even better because we get to know you as a person, not just a university number. This goes both ways as you will get the chance to know us as well which makes it easier for you to come to us with problems. So we look forward into welcoming you into our community.